Monday, February 13, 2017

VIP First-Class Lifestyle Session at PlannerCon March 11-12

Greetings Plannerologists!

I am planning on having a VIP First-Class Lifestyle session at PlannerCon with a select few individuals. Space is limited to 15 people only! One person (that's one in 15 people) will have a chance to win a $200 Plannerology gift certificate to gain a planning session with me, either in person if you are local to the VA/DC area or via Skype. 
Get your tickets here. This is an OFFICIAL Plannerology event. 

There WILL be rare planners to sniff and pet!

After the success of setting up Plannerology in 2016, I've gotten a lot of private messages thanking me for inspiring members to create the lifestyle they have always dreamt of having. It's one thing to dream about living the life you want and another to actually define it and live it. In detail, crating order from chaos. This calls for creating all the first-class lifestyle space you can and removing all other obstacles. Living a first-class lifestyle takes courage and an open mind. There must be a willingness to accept more than one way of getting to the same destination. 

That's why I decided to offer up this historic, (yes, I said historic) event. The first annual PlannerCon in San Francisco is already breaking multiple "first" moments with the sheer size and scale of the event along with the quality speakers (*ahem*) and vendors. 

The magic that is created at Plannerology allows for small and permanent habit changes, allowing us to ease into our desired lifestyle with grace. Nothing is forced. We develop personal mission statements and yes, we will be doing activities to discover this elusive creature at the VIP session. 

I have a slew of take aways for attendees, which by the way is limited to 15 people!! Any more than 15 and we lose the magic. One attendee is guaranteed to walk away with a $200.00 Plannerology Gift Certificate (that's a one in 15 chance of winning), for private session with me after PlannerCon.

Because the First-Class lifestyle is a mindset. we will work on setting the groundwork for that. How? Bring your planner, your pen and yourself to this special event being held on the 9th floor of the Grand Hyatt Hotel on PlannerCon eve! We will have a 1.5-hour guided session, away from the craziness, in a quiet setting where we can take our time and give ourselves a chance to breathe in what is important. 

In this VIP Planning Session, you will be able to :

  1. Develop a Personal Mission Statement
  2. Defining goals that align with your purpose in life
  3. Ground yourself in your purpose or reigniting your passion for your purpose
  4. Use your planner as a playbook for your life
  5. Start taking control of all the moving bits around you
  6. Make choices that push you forward in your goal success
  7. Curate (edit) the parts of your life that don't serve you anymore
  8. Learn to establish routines to enhance your wellbeing
  9. Start creating a life purpose altogether yours

We will have classical music, a private, ambient and intimate setting. What better way to start off PlannerCon than a private, VIP session?! I welcome you to join me in leaving white space behind. Let's start filling the pages together. 

Get your tickets here.

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