Sunday, July 31, 2016

Planning On The Weekends, Like Your Life Depended On It.

There is a definite moment in the time-space continuum where the giddiness of Friday evening, knowing an ENTIRE WEEKEND is about to begin, turns into the reality of THE WEEKEND HAS BEGUN and we must now endeavor to squeeze every last drop of weekendness out of it before it Mondays again.

And to those of us that use the weekend to plan, I raise this cool glass of club soda to you, to us for understanding the potential of next week lays at our fingertips and we must, at all costs, strive to plan before the doldrums of Sunday night overtake our senses.

As we settle in to our planner planning, let me make a simple comment. "Planning out the week will only be as good as the hope you are willing to throw at it." That is, if you can imagine what your week will look and feel like, BEFORE you begin planning you can stir the needed sparks of joy to infuse in your planning and develop an entire theme for how your week will play out. Systematically, define all the waking and sleeping hours and see if you can find corners of mental and spiritual renewal. We live in a culture where productivity is awarded and slothfulness is undesirable. Is it possible to find a time-space where we can refill the well of creativity, thoughtfulness, ambition and desire so we can be productive with purpose versus glorifying busyness?

Taking time to set up the emotional platform for planning means taking time to allow the "what is" to exist with you before you dictate just how productive you will have to be to out produce everyone else you are trying to get ahead of. It's quite possible to have yourself as your only competition and see if you can manage to be kind to yourself whilst being productive. Anyone (and everyone) manages to be productive whilst letting their health wither. That's too easy. So, really, the time to breathe, and think and daydream are all part of the planner planning process and we must listen to that inner voice that longingly calls for "doing nothing" before we begin to plan. That time-space is medium in which our true purpose can exist seamlessly with our thoughts and to deny that is to deny your own inspiration. No amount of "quiet music" can cure the inability to listen to the internal dialogue that comes from sitting quietly. There must be space to breathe so that calm and order and reign within the week you just sat down to plan.

You say you want more peace in your life? You want to start living the First-Class Lifestyle? Start by bringing it into your planning. Quiet down. Power off and see what happens when you let your mind drift for a bit. 

Have a great week ahead kiddies. Don't forget to tell me how your week went at Plannerology.